In a discreet memorandum signed in Riyad last week , the Sudanese Government has agreed to send to Yemen a number of Darfurian “Border Guards” , i.e. the violent raiders we have learned to call Janjawid since 2003 .

We were not able to learn about the numbers planned to be sent but it seems to be somewhere around 500 . The financial counterparts seem substantial . This new step in Beshir’s entanglement in the Yemen war has taken place after the Saudi complained about the fact that the troops sent by Khartoum have so far mostly limited their participation in the conflict to logistical and security duties . Saudi wants more offensive actors and it is likely they will get them , given the violent reputation of the “Border Guards” . These have been taken from the units which are at present used to hunt for migrants and stop them from reaching Libya and , from there , Europe . Will the E.U. financing for the detached gentlemen be continued or discontinued ?

March 19th 2017