Over the last few days , the US Air Force has been pounding the triple corners of the provinces of Chabwa , Abyan and al-Baida in Yemen . Its official targets are the fighters of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Peninsula (AQIP) , the local branch of al-Qaida which is considered to be highly dangerous . At the same time AQIP , which is a strong Sunni militant group , is fighting the Houthi rebels who are Zaydi Shiites . But the US Air Force is also bombing the Houthi and so is the Saudi Air Force . Which means that the GCC allies are bombing AQIP which fights the Houthi which is also bombed by the same airplanes . First question : do the Americans specialize in only bombing the Shiites (and if so what is Teheran thinking about that ?) ? Second question : do the Saudi do the same thing or do they also bomb their Sunni brethren of AQIP ? (and in that case what does the Saudi public opinion think about it ?) ? Or does everybody bomb everybody else without even trying to know who the hell is running under the bombs ? In both cases these are certainly Yemenites and killing them , whoever they are , does certainly not make either the Americans or their close Saudi allies very popular . This might be why , in spite of several years of war and nearly $10bn of US military aid so far , the GCC troops still have not managed to win . As for the Eritreans and the Sudanese who have entered the war on the Sunni GCC side , they are getting paid . In their respective countries nobody cares about that foreign war or about who is bombing whom . But this is a war and their governments are involved . Without any kind of clear justification of any kind . What does President Trump think about who should be bombed in Yemen ? And the next question is : does he know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite , especially a Zaydi Shiite ? Asking the question hints at an answer : can you guess which one ?
But meanwhile Yemen which is very poor , has little water and a very theoretical form of agriculture is falling into an economic abyss . The contribution of both the Saudi and the Americans to this war of attrition is explained in Washington by the need to fight the nasty AQIP even though they are pretty much on the same religious political divide as the nice – and democratic ?— US Saudi allies . This what CIA veteran Robert Baer called “sleeping with the devil” in his 2003 book on the Saudi-US relationship , back at a time when facts were facts and not “alternative facts”. Meanwhile the bombs are falling on the nasties , on their enemies as well , even though they are not US allies and they are falling as well on whoever happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time . And the country falls deeper and deeper into a marasmic catastrophe which will soon reconcile everybody into a commonly-shared famine . With democracy progressing at such a wonderful explosive pace , its enemies still have a wide field of endeavor in front of them .

March 9th 2017