• On April 19th or thereabouts, Central African “President” Michel Djotodia wrote a letter to President Museveni , asking him to remove the Ugandan troops stationed in Southeastern Uganda to tackle the LRA .

To say the least , this was a surprising request . The Ugandan troops were not causing any harm to anybody , they were fighting (or rather attempting to fight) a horrible and merciless enemy and they operated jointly with US forces , thereby creating a “protective space” in the CAR . In no way did they threaten what remains of Central African national sovereignty . Is it because Mr Djotodia is the rabid Muslim fundamentalist some people think he might be ? I suspect not . I fear he was simply paying back his bills to the Sudanese Mukhabarat who have been his friendly supporters since his days as CAR consul in Nyala . Khartoum remains on the verge of a conflict with the South over the matter of SPLM-North support (see next blog item) .

And within that context , the LRA could still be of some use to the Sudanese Military Security . But of late the Ugando-American force in the CAR had cramped their style . Uncoupling these particularly nasty dogs of war might be seen by the NCP in Khartoum as a blow for African Freedom .